The truth is there are many people, mostly men, are not much into things like health, fashion, and beauty.  They feel like provide they shower, shave, dab on some deodorant, get dressed, and they are all ready to go.  The reason behind this is simple – men are mostly simple creatures.  Women, well, they have a lot of fancies of nearly about everything.  They take a lot of time on the bath, a lot of time on the mirror, a lot of time choosing what clothes and shoes to wear.  In fact, it takes them at least an hour to get ready whereas men only needs around 15 minutes.  Despite this, there are certain aspects where men do put some attention to – their hair.  While most men are not into styling their hairs, they are however concerned about any possibility of them going bald.  Most men consider going bald a nightmare.  Fortunately though, there is this drug called finasteride 1mg which was made to help men with their hair loss ordeals.  This drug doesn’t just treat the condition at the surface, but it treats it at the root cause, at hormonal levels.

Finasteride 5mg was made to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia at first.  While the drug was effective in treating the condition, the use of the drug somewhat had a beneficial side effect to those who were suffering from hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia.  Surprisingly, the drug that was supposed to be a cure for benign prostatic hyperplasia also happens to be the treatment many bald men were waiting for.

Merck, the manufacturer of the drug took notice and began research on the drug.  They discovered that at lower doses, finasteride 5mg was able to treat male pattern baldness.  They discovered that the most ideal dose for treating androgenic alopecia is finasteride 1mg.  On the study they made using finasteride 1mg, more than 75% of the men reported the stopping of the progression of their hair loss with more than half of those reporting of hair growth.  The study also included men taking placebo drugs with which no improvement was made regarding their hair loss condition.

Many dermatologists agree that finasteride 5mg is the solution for hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia and that there is significant improvement in hair density for the majority of those who use it. The problem with finasteride 5mg is that it needs to be taken constantly and consistently to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.  If someone taking finasteride 5mg should stop taking the medication for months, then the years or months he spent buying and using finasteride 5mg will all be for naught.  In fact, should he decide to start using finasteride 1mg again for his hair loss, he will be back from the beginning to where he started.  This makes it important to continue taking finasteride 1mg and not cease usage even for just a month.  If so, it will take more than a month of continuous usage before any improvement is seen.