Mild to moderate conditions of an enlarged prostate can still be manageable and tolerable as long as the patient is willing to make certain lifestyle changes that are geared towards the improvement of their condition.

Lifestyle Changes

Below are some lifestyle changes that can help when you have an enlarged prostate:

  • Refrain from drinking caffeine and alcoholic drinks, or drink these moderately. They can aggravate your bladder and make your condition worse.
  • Refrain from drinking any liquids for 1 to 2 hours prior to going to bed. This will help you avoid nocturia (or the need to wake up at night just to urinate).
  • Exercise on a regular basis. With moderate exercise such as brisk walking for about 30 to 90 minutes a day can significantly improve your symptoms.


Certain medications, when combined with lifestyle changes that were just mentioned above, is highly recommended in order to treat moderate to even severe signs and symptoms of prostate enlargement.


If you are given finasteride by your doctor, then surely you will experience a quick improvement in your overall health. However, you must know that you will have to take finasteride for at least 6 months or more in order to achieve maximum results, and your doctor must monitor your health every year.

If you are sexually active, then it is highly advised that you use condoms, because if a male with prostate enlargement impregnates his sexual partner, then there is a high risk that the resulting baby might develop birth defects.

Side effects of using finasteride may include little to no sperm when you ejaculate or impotence (the failure to achieve or maintain an erection).

In most cases, the side effects of finasteride usage for prostate enlargement will subside as your body gets accustomed to the medication. Discuss this matter with your physician if the side effects are very troublesome for you.

Clinical studies have shown that finasteride generic, if used long term, can have significant benefits as well as risks when it comes to the subject of prostate cancer.

Finasteride’s primary benefit is that with constant intake, this medicine will significantly lower your risk of having prostate cancer. The only danger is that if you do develop prostate cancer, it might turn out to be a more severe type of cancer.

Consult your physician about the benefits and risks of finasteride if you are interested to undergo prostate enlargement therapy.