Changing hair color is actually the most reliable and easiest way to change a person’s appearance and sometimes even identity.  In fact, thanks to hair coloring techniques, you will find a lot of celebrities and big name personalities taking advantage of it changing their overall look at their whim.  What is good about it though is that how they change their hair color and hair style sometimes creates a fashion trend based on them.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think there is any other woman that can change the way how she looks simply by changing her hair color and hair style more than Madonna.  Throughout her career (and still going), her trendy hair fashion style has captivated the world in more ways than once.  In fact, when she changes her hair color and her hair style, you’ll hardly even recognize her if she walks past you.

If you are planning to color your hair, it is important that you understand the different types of hair dyes available so that you will be getting only what you need and nothing more.  If you need to use a different hair color only for one night, of course it would seem odd if you got yourself the permanent one.  This is why knowing the different types of hair dyes and their formulation is relatively important.

Permanent Hair Dye – this hair dye contains ammonia and peroxide in its mix.  If you are planning to keep a certain type of hair color for a long time, then this is the type of dye to use.  This is because the color molecules of this hair dye are very small and they infuse themselves with the keratin of the hair itself.  Once your hair grows, all you need to do is apply it near the roots where the new hair shows your natural hair color.  This makes this hair color very convenient to use because you don’t need to reapply it on the other parts of the hair that have been treated priorly.

Semi-permanent Hair Dye – if you do not have any plans on keeping a hair color for a prolonged period of time, then semi-permanent hair dyes are the right ones to choose.  What makes these hair dyes highly sought after is that they won’t last the same as permanent dyes would, but they also would not wash off as easily as temporary hair dyes would.  The main ingredient for this dye does not contain any ammonia or peroxide which is why the color will not stick permanently and can be washed off in only 6 washes.  However, this type of hair dye provides the most radiating and natural looks. Its only drawback is that it cannot hide the gray or white hairs that signify age.

Demi-permanent Hair Dye – this type of hair dye is very similar to that of permanent hair dyes.  The only difference is that instead of containing ammonia, it has alkaline for its active ingredient and thus allowing it to be more natural looking.  Demi-permanent hair dyes though mostly come in darker shades.

Temporary Hair Dye – this type of hair dye is made to be used only the occasion you need it. Since it can be washed off easily, you can practically have different hair colors every day.  Hair dyes like these are available in gels, foams, shampoos, and sprays.

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