Tadalafil citrate is an oral medication that is designed to treat the disability or difficulty that some men have in attaining or maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse.  Tadalafil citrate was developed by the pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, and is to date one of the most successful erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment medication due to the long effective duration that tadalafil citrate offer its users.  The standard dosing for tadalafil citrate is normally 10mg.  However, this dosing can be decreased to just 5mg or increased to 20mg when necessary.  Tadalafil citrate must be taken about 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse to ensure full effect.

Tadalafil citrate is sold by Eli Lilly under the brand Cialis with tadalafil or tadalafil citrate being its generic counterpart.  Tadalafil citrate has been shown to be very effective in treating erectile dysfunction during its clinical testing.  After its release, research shows that tadalafil citrate is very effective in treating male impotence and has the capacity to treat nearly 80% of all ED cases that are physical in nature.  Most of the failures in its treatment are somehow related to after-surgery procedures which is why ability to produce or sustain erection physically is impossible.  For most ED conditions, however, tadalafil citrate may be the best and only solution you need.

Tadalafil citrate is very similar to the popular drug, Viagra, particularly in terms of mechanism of action which is why both drugs belong to the same classification – PDE5 inhibitors.  These drugs, although bearing the same type of action to achieve erection, use different active ingredients to achieve such.  This is also the very reason why both drugs have different duration time.  Viagra’s duration is normally just between 4-6 hours, whereas tadalafil citrate offers its users a whopping 36 hours of effect time.  This makes tadalafil citrate the ideal ED drug for men who have more frequency in their sexual activity.

How Does it Work?

Tadalafil citrate, like all other ED drugs classified as PDE5 inhibitor drugs, works by enabling the smooth muscle cells lining the penis to relax when there is sexual stimulation or arousal involved so that blood can be effectively pumped through the cavities and therefore be able to achieve an erection.  Once stimulation or arousal ends, the relaxing is reversed and blood is squeezed out of the cavities, thus resulting in the penis becoming limp again.

The advent of PDE5 inhibitor drugs like tadalafil citrate has revolutionized how men with erectile dysfunction see the growth and sustenance of their sex life.  In the past, once you become plagued with this condition, you will either have to accept it or find ways to be able to please your partner.  Keep in mind that erectile dysfunction can be used as an effective grounds for divorce in many states and countries.  This is the very reason why men in the past tried so hard to device ways on how they would be able to please their partners.  These days, thanks to drugs like tadalafil citrate, not only will you be able to satisfy the sexual urges of your mate successfully, but you will also be able to sexually please yourself.  Such is the power of these ED medications that they basically give your normal-like erectile functions.