Sports are activities we play for recreational purposes.  If we are really good at a certain sport, we may be playing it professionally, but for most of us, it is likely that we will just be playing it as a sort of pastime.  However, even if the sport we play with our friends and peers is just a simple game for fun, our innate competitive nature wants us to win the game.  For this reason, many of us usually practice for it so that we are able to perform better.  However, for every type of sport, to win is simply not just matter of becoming better in the sport, but also a matter of improving athletic performance.  The list below shows how you can improve your athletic performance to give you a better chance in winning your chosen sport activity.

1. Identify the important factors involved in your chosen sport and identify what you lack.

Some sports tend to focus more stamina and the game techniques involved, while some games require strength and power along with the necessary techniques involved in the game.  By knowing what is important in your game and knowing what you lack, you can try to develop this part to help improve your overall game.  For example, if you play basketball but don’t have the necessary stamina to run back and forth the court, then you will need to develop stamina.  However, if you have the stamina to play the game but lack the necessary power or strength, then you may want to build on that.  In amateur sports, it’s not all about building up techniques, but it is also about building up the right core for the sport.

2. Analyze your performance.

You will hardly find anyone that does not have a mobile phone with video recording capability. To understand what it is you are doing wrong so you can correct your technique, have a friend videotape your actions.  This will enable you to analyze any of the mistakes you are doing so you can make the necessary adjustments to correct your technique.

3. Train for the movement.

There are actually different types of training for every possible sports movement and technique you can think of.  If you want to be able to jump high for rebounding purposes or football heading purposes, then you not just need to build the necessary leg muscles for jumping, but you also need to do some leg weight training exercises so you can have an explosive jumps.  If you find it hard shooting the basketball from long range, practice shooting with a heavy ball within the paint and slowly work your way to the free throw.  If you are able to make the heavy ball reach the rim, then try shooting with a normal ball from the arc.  Training for the movement is actually necessary to become better in the game.

4. Don’t forget to stretch.

Stretching prior to the main game itself is very important because it not just helps you to become more flexible, but it also helps you in avoiding any injury.  In addition, stretching helps you to warm up your muscles to get you in game condition even before the game starts.

5. Always Hydrate

Hydration is very important in any game because lack in hydration can clearly have negative effects in both physical and mental performance.