HGH, the growth hormone that we are all familiar with, is in truth something that we hardly know about.  In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-20th century that some of the roles it plays in our growth and development were discovered and understood.  It was during that time that HGH was purified from the pituitary glands of deceased individuals.  For a very long time, it was believed that the purpose of HGH was only growth.  However, several decades later, scientists and medical researchers alike are discovering other benefits that HGH therapy offers.

In the past, HGH was only mostly introduced to individuals, more specifically children, suffering from growth hormone deficiency, evident through their short growth stature.  Since HGH is very important in the growth and development of a person, transitioning from the body of a small child to that of an adolescent somewhat becomes impossible when there is growth hormone deficiency.

These days, aside from growth that occurs from the long bone’s growth plates, among the discoveries on the benefits that HGH offer are its anti-aging property, its help in developing muscle mass, it’s help in boosting the immune system, it’s help in developing stronger bones, and it’s help in increasing and improving sexual performance.  Its overall effect on the physical improvement of a person like healthy skin, lean muscles, and youthful appearance is undeniable.

Having increased amounts of HGH levels in the body, considering of course the decrease in it that have due to age, will without doubt allow you to take advantage of its benefits.  There are two popular methods of increasing HGH levels in the body.  The first would be through injections where synthetic growth hormones are introduced to the body intravenously.  The second would be through releasers which come in pill form and are ingested.  Releasers do not contain any real nor synthetic growth hormones.  Instead, they contain ingredients that will stimulate the pituitary glands into producing more natural growth hormones for the body.

The two methods of increasing HGH levels have been a tried and tested formula.  However, most people are unsure whether or not undergoing the treatment is going to be truly beneficial for them or harm their health.  With HGH injections, safety is not actually its strong point and may not always be the safest option.  This is because on certain cases, they are believed to be the triggering device or catalyst that increases a person’s risk in developing diabetes, including other forms of cancer as well.  Although none of this are significantly factual as tons of research still needs to be done on this subject matter, still, the experiences that other people have encountered can be a deterrent for others who are interested in undergoing the therapy.

Possibly the much safer option if you want to increase your HGH levels would be through the use of HGH pills that are releasers in effect.  Since what they do is stimulate for increased production of natural growth hormones, they do not have any side effects with hardly any risks involved when taking the treatment.  Since releasers are also made from natural ingredients, they do not pose any risk of interacting with any prescription medications you may be taking.