Erectile condition (ED) is an issue that most men will encounter at least at some point in their life.  More often, this erectile issue has something to do with age.  Even so, many of the conditions resulting into erectile dysfunctions are medically related issues.  Among the more popular medically-related diseases that lead to ED are atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, heart-related conditions, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and thyroid problems.

Another sure fire factor that can lead to erectile dysfunction is surgery, particularly when it comes to the surgical removal of prostate cancer as this can sever nerves and arteries near the penis.

Some prescription medications can also cause male penile impotence such as antidepressants, antihistamines, tranquilizers, beta-blockers, and many more drugs can all interfere with how a person attains an erection.  It is possible that aside from numbing effects that leads to the condition, certain ingredients may deter nerve impulses coming from the brain and traveling to the spinal cord towards the penis’ arteries, veins, muscles, and tissues.

The truth is erectile dysfunction is a curable condition with more than 90% of the time.  The problem at times is curing the main cause of the condition takes a long time.  Those who have the condition are somewhat fortunate as there are now many treatments that can help to temporarily relieve them of the condition so they can have full use of their penis, even for just that specific moment.

There are actually three classifications for erectile dysfunction – the complete inability to achieve an erection, the ability to have an erection but not hard enough to promote penetration, and the ability to get an erection but not long enough to last the full course of sexual intercourse.  Regardless of what classification of erectile dysfunction you are in, oral medications made for the treatment of impotence are still very effective and allowing you to enjoy full and pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Prescription medications like vardenafil can help men to achieve an erection hard and long enough for proper sexual intercourse.  What they do is basically instruct the muscle surrounding the penis to relax so that blood can be pumped inside the cavity called corpus cavernosum so an erection can be attained.

What makes pde-5 inhibitor the ideal drug to take when suffering from an erectile condition is that it is very safe and takes much lesser dose to achieve the same effect than that of the more popular Levitra.  Due to this, there are lesser known side effects for taking vardenafil than that of its rival.  Nevertheless, even if it is a safe medication, it is important that you also take necessary precautions when taking the medication.  Never take vardenafil along with nitrates because it will result in extremely and dangerously low blood pressure that can be fatal when no immediate medical intervention ensues.  In addition, when taking vardenafil, only take the amount of dosage your doctor prescribed you and never more than that.  Doing so may lead to overdosing which may lead to irreparable damage.