The Human Growth Hormone, often simply called as HGH, is actually a very important hormone that is produced inside our body.  For most of us, although we really do not take notice of it, it is there, helping our bodies mature and achieve growth.  This HGH is usually abundant in production during our childhood days and decreases in production as we get older.  For people who experience HGH deficiency during their childhood, they usually suffer from dwarfism that is growth hormone-related.  HGH therapy or supplementation is needed to remedy the condition of their dwarfism.

Although HGH levels are naturally reduced as we grow older, having increased HGH levels within our body when we are older is actually very helpful.  This is because we are able to attain some of the attributes that we had when we were kids.  Such attributes would include nearly endless stamina, high energy levels, strength, better brain functions, high metabolic rates, better focus, better memory, better recovery rate from exhaustion and injury, and many more.  This is the very reason why a lot of adults these days are using HGH supplementation in order to boost these qualities for their benefit.

HGH Therapy

When children are found out to have dwarfism that is caused by growth hormone deficiency, the treatment that needs to be given to them is HGH therapy by means of supplementing their body with growth hormones.  Timing is crucial for these situations because children need to receive the therapy as soon as possible.  If the therapy is only given to them during their mid-teens or adolescent years, they will still be able to grow, but not the height they are supposed to really have if they would be given immediate HGH therapy while they are still young.  The type of growth hormone supplements given to HGH deficient patients is normally injections wherein synthetically made growth hormones are introduced to the body in order to mimic the action performed by natural growth hormones produced by our pituitary glands.  Therapy involving HGH injections is still costly to this day and requires professional supervision to ensure dosaging are done at proper levels.

HGH Pills

HGH pills are the latest form of supplementation for HGH.  HGH pills are not like HGH injections wherein the content is synthetic HGH that is then introduced inside the body to mimic the function of normally produced HGH.  HGH pills are made from an assortment of natural organic products that are known for inducing the pituitary gland into producing more natural growth hormones.  The result of course is a much more normal growth hormone level increase which allows the body to adapt more easily to it as opposed to introducing high levels of HGH at once.

The best part in using HGH pills is that you do not risk yourself of the possible side effects that are known from injecting synthetic growth hormones.  Additionally, you do not need any professional supervision when taking these supplements as they are more like taking dietary supplements only.  Perhaps one of the more likeable thing about these HGH pills releaser-form is that you do not require any prescription to purchase them.