Most men would usually ask, how long does tadalafil take to work? Generally, the amount of time in which tadalafil would take effect depends on the user of the pill. Every individual is different, and so are their body’s reactions to certain drugs. The good side about tadalafil is that it is the fastest and most effective erectile dysfunction drug which can absolutely meet most expectations of men. The effects of the ED pill can usually work faster than expected. Available in 20 mg, you can take tadalafil orally by mouth together with a few sips of water. Tadalafil 20 mg will take effect after 15 minutes and lasts within 36 hours. Some men may also experience the results of the drug after 20 to 30 minutes. With a very short waiting period of the drug’s effectiveness, every man can enjoy their romantic moments with their sexual partners anytime they want.

As what we have mentioned above, the usual time range in which tadalafil would take effect is within 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the individual’s reaction towards the drug. However, there are cases when tadalafil may take effect longer than the expected time due to some activities that may hinder the drug’s function. Some of these activities include eating meals high in fat prior to taking the drug, drinking too much alcohol, drinking grape juice, heavy smoking, and taking other prescription drugs like refapentine, macrolide antibiotics, medicines used for treating HIV or AIDS, medications for seizures, drugs for treating prostate problems, refampin, refabutin, medicines used for treating high blood pressure, medications for fungal infections, dietary or herbal supplements, and other non-prescription drugs. Aside from increasing the amount of time the drug would take effect, combining tadalafil with other prescription drugs may also hinder the effects of the drug, or worse, may even cause fatal drug interactions.

A series of clinical studies were conducted to test the length of time tadalafil would provide good satisfying results to the user. The results revealed that 98 percent of men were able experience tadalafil’s efficacy within the expected amount of time. Most men were also able to achieve good erections within 36 hours whenever they feel sexually stimulated.

Tadalafil, just like any other ED drugs, should be taken with precautions. The first move you should do before jumping into the medications is to check whether you are eligible to take ED drugs or not. This means that you should be free from other serious ailments to avoid complications. For example, you are not advised to take tadalafil if you have histories of heart attack or stroke. If you are not sure about your current health conditions, take a visit to your doctor’s office. Provide your physician a list of other drugs as well as supplements that you are currently taking, as well as the dietary supplements you are taking. You should also be honest about your lifestyle, whether you are taking illegal drugs, heavy smoker, or alcoholic, and never hesitate to tell your doctor about your recent health conditions so he can make adjustments to your dosage.