Although it may sound too good to be true sometimes, there is no denying that finasteride 1mg is the only drug you can find in the market that will end your sufferings with alopecia. Out there you may find various hair treatments such as herbal shampoos that promise effects of hair regrowth and reduced hair fall but the sad truth is that these products do not actually solve the root cause of alopecia. Male pattern baldness is basically a problem that started in the hormonal level and if the issue is not appropriately solved then no other hair treatments could be able to help you get your hair back. Fortunately only finasteride 1mg can help you solve baldness in the hormonal levels so that you can boost back the self-esteem you need in everyday life. As a man, it does not really mean that you cannot care enough for your hair as much as women do. So if you do not want to lose your hair strands especially at a very young age then we recommend that you consult your doctor about using finasteride 1mg as a potential treatment.

If you may wonder, you might ask how finasterde 1mg can help you solve male pattern baldness. As what we have mentioned earlier, MPB started in the hormonal levels. All men were designed to produce enough testosterone to keep their manly physique that distinguishes them from women. To keep other body functions normal, some enzymes were tasked to convert these testosterone hormones into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. However as DHT levels continue to increase over time, the chemicals are harming the hair follicles at the same time. And as the hair follicles are continuously exposed to DHT, the gradually sink and as this happens, the hair strands that they produce gradually becomes smaller and thinner over time. As a result, you could look bald since your hair follicles do not produce thick and longer strands anymore that are cosmetically acceptable. That is why as you can see, even the most expensive hair shampoos that promise hair regrowth cannot help solve your alopecia problems since the products can only work in the superficial level. However finasteride 1mg can help you with the issue since it works in the hormonal levels. What finasteride 1mg actually does is that it prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thus preventing you to have high DHT levels that harm the hair follicles. This way you are assured that your scalp produces thick hair strands that will help you keep that confidence-booster crowning glory.

As a summary, a lot of men also care so much about their hair like women do. And since alopecia is a common hair loss problems in men, it also demands the right attention by using only the right product that can actually solve it in the hormonal levels. Finasteride 1mg is proven is the only drug that can deal untimely baldness among men. If you happen to have MPB today then why not try finasteride 1mg and check out the results for yourself.