Losing hair instantly can be really scary not just for women but for most men as well. Although you can see hot Hollywood actors who shaved their hair, not all guys are comfortable of having a hairless head. Sometime we do it for fashion, but if your baldness is caused by alopecia then it is most likely that you will hate the results.

Alopecia, or male pattern baldness, in general is undesirable. This is especially true for younger men who wants to experiment with their looks using different kinds of hair styles. But if you have the alopecia right now, the feeling would first be embarrassment. You would start to think that you are already 35 even though your actual age is just 22. Cheer up – it is not the end of everything! If you are really desperate to go back to your younger look by not giving up on hair loss, then the good news is that Finasteride 1mg can help you with your problem. Finasteride is a common hair loss solution for men, next to minoxidil. Unlike ordinary shampoo and topical creams for hair, Finasteride 1mg deals the hormonal issues that lead to baldness. No wonder it is the only drug that delivers the best results!

How does Finasteride 1mg works?

Remember the thing we have mentioned above about hormones? Normally, men are loaded with testosterone hormones – the very important hormones that design the features of a man. Overtime, these testosterone hormones are being converted into dihydrotestosterone or DHT, the one that becomes harmful to the hair follicles. As DHT increases over time, the hair follicles continue to shrink until they can no longer produce thick and cosmetically acceptable hair strands. This is why you start to look bald, although you still have those tiny and thin hairs on your scalp. Finasteride 1mg simply does its job by preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. These chemicals won’t hurt your hair follicles anymore! You get back the normal growth of your hair with finasteride.

Where can I buy Finasteride 1mg?

There are many options nowadays to buy Finasteride 1mg. It is more common to avail drugs from pharmacies in your town. However, the internet has made this conventional method near to extinction! The world wide web can serve more and more people, thus you can simply buy finasteride 1mg with just a click of your fingers. It is easier today to buy medicines especially for hair loss. Do not make excuses not to cure your baldness or be bald for the rest of your life.

A word of caution though. Finasteride 1mg is not for everyone to use. Be sure to consult your doctor before using Finasteride 1mg, especially if you have health problems. Finasteride can also interact with other drugs. Give your doctor a list of supplements and medications you are currently taking so that he can evaluate if you are safe to take Finasteride 1mg or not.