Erectile dysfunction is a common issue among old men.  This is a given fact as with age are likely to occur multiple health issues that of course lead to the condition.  However, for younger men, the issue of having erectile dysfunction is mostly unheard of in the past.  Many of the reasons why this occur is mostly due to modern lifestyle.  Smoking, alcoholism, use of drugs, obesity, medications, and inactive lifestyle are just some of the now known causes.

These days, youngsters and young professionals are known to spend a lot of time in front of their computers, whether playing video games, doing projects, or work related stuffs.  The countless number of hours spent sitting on the chair with hardly any lower body movement compresses certain nerves and blood vessels surround the pelvic area, which, inevitably, leads to erectile issues.

Since there is hardly any physical activity being done among the current generations of young ones, they tend to have very poor blood circulation due to all the sitting they do.  Such poor blood circulation can lead to a number of diseases and disorders such as erectile dysfunction.  In fact, this type of issue doesn’t just happen with younger men, but with older men as well.  More so, lacking any physical activity can also lead to obesity, which can also cause impotence.

Aside from how youngsters spend their daily lives in front of the computer, poor eating habits can also be a cause of this erectile condition, because poor eating habits will nearly always lead to obesity.  When you are obese, the heart will be unable to pump blood properly.  In case you are not aware, what lead to an erection is stimulation and the pumping of blood inside the corpus cavernosum, a cavity which needs to be filled with blood in order for the penis to become hard and stand erect.  What obesity does is that it makes it difficult for blood to be pumped around the body along with the pumping of blood inside the penis.  When a person is obese, issues like diabetes and hypertension are also not far away, of which are another two issues that leads to erectile dysfunction.

Of all the issues that can cause erectile dysfunction in young men, stress will probably be the biggest factor.  Young professionals are often subjected to a lot of stress, and this stress can play a big part in the sexual ability of a person.  In fact, stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, and fear, when all bundled up together can lead to a huge emotional disturbance that will likely cause erectile dysfunction in anyone.  These psychological factors, although not permanent, can result into lowered self-esteem and ego, making the self-confidence of a person wane down to rock bottom.

Other contributing factors that cause erectile dysfunction in young men are the excessive use of cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, and the lack of sleep.  The use of prescription medications and other recreational drugs may also result into erectile dysfunction.

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