PDE5 inhibitor drugs are easily considered as the best thing that ever happened and invented in the world of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).  Basically, if you suffer from ED, your inability to achieve or sustain an erection can have drastic negative impact, not just on your sexual life, but with your ego as well.  In any marital or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, sex is a very important aspect of the relationship.  The truth is, although it is hard to agree with this notion, without any pretenses, the fact remains that it is.  Some couples break up simply because one does get satisfied in bed.  If that is the case, then what more can you say with lack of contact due to erectile dysfunction issues?  In fact, a woman can file for divorce using erectile dysfunction as grounds for the divorce, giving emphasis on the husband’s inability to satisfy her sexual urges.

Normally, erectile dysfunction occurs with old age as blood can no longer be efficiently pumped towards the cavities within the penis.  However, this does not mean that there can be no other causing factor to the condition.  There are actually a lot of factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction.  Such factors may include injury, disease, surgery, trauma, medications, lifestyle, obesity, use of illicit drugs, and more commonly, old age.  Psychological is also another factor but is not deemed serious because there is no physical aspect that is preventing the erection.  Since solving the psychological problem can easily resolve the erectile problem, doctors consider this as a non-serious erectile issue.  A psychiatrist is more likely able to treat psychologically-caused ED than a doctor of medicine.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction that is not psychologically caused, then the issue mostly revolves around poor blood flow.  This type of erectile issue can actually be solved using ED drugs like avanafil to help promote good and proper blood flow into the cavities within the penis so that an erection can be achieved.  This is possible because the main action of PDE5 inhibitor drugs is to make the smooth muscles surrounding the shaft of the penis relax so that the cavities inside the penis are not constricted and are therefore able to accommodate the surging up of blood and the building up of pressure within them.

There are actually different brands of ED drugs competing in the ED market.  If you have erectile issues, normally, your choice of ED drug would be Viagra as it is after all the pioneer of ED treatment medication.  However, if you do some research, most people would recommend you to buy avanafil as this is not only the newest and latest ED drug, but it is also very effective.  ED doctors these days actually prescribe their patients to buy avanafil more than any other ED medication.  This is because they professionally understand how effective avanafil is and how easily it can solve erectile dysfunction issues.

If you are going to buy avanafil, make sure that you know the right dosage you need to buy.  If you buy avanafil that does not meet your dosage requirement, it is possible that the dosing may either be too much or too little for you.   This is why it is often necessary to consult your doctor before you buy avanafil so you can be prescribed with the right dosage, duly from your doctor’s diagnosis and assessments.  You can then choose to buy avanafil online or simply buy them from your local pharmacy.  By choosing to buy avanafil, you are basically getting your sexual life back and not succumbing to the threat and fear of erectile dysfunction.