A sinus infection, or commonly called sinusitis, is an infection of the sinus accompanied with pain, congestion, greenish discharge, sore throat, headaches, and cloggy nose that makes it difficult to breath. Almost all of us may experience a sinus infection at some point of our lives. With the help of antibiotics, sinus infection can be treated. Sometimes it just simply goes away by boosting the immune system and taking enough vitamins. The infection should not last for a week. If it extends up to eight weeks or so, then the sinus infection could be chronic. In this case you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. Untreated sinus infection can not only be bothersome but could also lead to other complications.

Sinusitis can be treated with cipro 500mg, however this is not generally the first line of choice for treating the infectious disease. Most sinus problems are caused by viral infections. Remember that cipro 500mg is used to treat bacterial infections only. Although taking cipro 500mg twice a day for 10 days could do the trick, and after a week the infection should be gone. Otherwise you need to see your doctor if the symptoms persist as this could mean that the infection does is not killed with the antibiotic.

Antibiotics such as cipro 500mg is used to treat different kinds of infection caused by a wide variety of bacteria, like otitis media, sexually transmitted infections, respiratory infections, skin infections, and many others. And since it can treat a wide variety of infectious disease the affected individual need to take note of a particular dosage he should take for a particular type of ailment. Generally only a doctor can perform a valid diagnosis to your condition and determine whether cipro 500mg is the right one for you or not. Although cipro 500mg is the most common dosage for adults for almost any types of infectious diseases, this may still vary depending on your weight, drug tolerance, severity of the infection, and your age. Older people as well as younger children need to take a dosage lower than cipro 500mg. Adults will have to take cipro 500mg twice a day, for most cases, to attain optimum results. But again, we do not advise self-treatment since you do not have sufficient knowledge about your condition and the right antibiotics to take. The danger of self-treatment is that you might be taking the wrong dosage and the wrong drug, leading to other complications. If you are in doubt whether cipro 500mg is the right treatment for you or not, you have to see your doctor to answer your queries.

Cipro 500mg is commonly used for treating urinary tract infections and skin infections. In summary, cipro 500mg may treat sinusitis but this may not be the best choice for treating it. For further information, you may call your doctor or ask your pharmacist today.