It is said that the average lifespan of an individual these days is 77 years.  This is actually quite long when compared to the average lifespan of those who lived a century prior.  In fact, the people of today are outliving people from the 19th century by as much as 30 years, which is definitely significant.  Due to this, the people of today are more aware on what it is like to get old and are very familiar with the signs of aging.  Possibly the main reasons why the people of today are able to live longer is because people are now more hygienic and have more sanitized environment.  Also, they have technology and advanced pharmaceutics and medicine to thank to.  Such allows the treatment of diseases that were fatal and incurable back in those days.

Possibly one of the more important advantages that we have is the availability of clean drinking water.  It cannot be denied that the people back then succumbed to a lot of waterborne diseases as they lack any reliable water management systems.  Thanks to the modern day advancements that we have today, as long as a person takes good care of himself, then the average age of 77 years is very much within reach.  If only they had the technological advances that we have today, it is possible that many of the brilliant minds of the yesteryears will be able to add something more interesting to our science, music, literature, and other academic subjects.

The Physical Signs

Many of the physical signs of aging are always obvious.  If you look at an elderly person who has made no physical augmentation on the signs of aging, you will easily be able to determine the changes that are not commonly found with youth.  Simply things like gray hair, wrinkles, spotted hands, sagging skin, and sagging chest are all but common signs of aging.  If you try to notice further, you will find other physical signs that are all common with the elderly.

Stained Teeth – this isn’t just common among the elderly as all elderly develops stained teeth.  The reason behind this is simple, as an individual grows older, that person will tend to produce less saliva.  With very little saliva in the mouth, the teeth becomes more prone to staining which in turn leads to the decay of teeth as well as the receding of gums.

Decreased Vision – it’s not hard to find an elderly person without any eyeglasses.  And even if you find one without sunglasses, it is possible that they just simply opt not to wear eyeglasses or that they are wearing contact lenses for that more natural look instead.

Decreased Hearing – as a person ages, one or both of their auditory senses becomes either impaired or weakened.  This means they will be having a hard time listening or understanding what it is you are trying to say to them.  Fortunately, the advent of more advanced hearing aid devices has helped numerous elderly people from being succumbed to silence by deafness brought about by old age.

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